AngelsHub: Investing in start-ups and what you can get back

AngelsHub is an international company fused together with a team of iGaming software experts. The company aims to provide flexible, modular and customisable solutions so it can build and help to grow successful online casino businesses. Gambling Insider speaks to AngelsHub, VP of business development, Seba Nader to find out more…

Can you expand on what services AngelsHub provides?

We are at AngelsHub, a technology and services provider for iGaming. We provide a wide range of professional, software, service and operational tools aimed at supporting business development and contributing to revenue streams.

We supply sports betting, casino platforms alongside the operational services like risk management, affiliate and agent systems and all of the payment methods needed to support them.

We can proudly say that we have extensive experience and a know-how that will help to provide the best services to our customers in order to launch and successfully develop their iGaming businesses. 

Can you go into further detail about your angel investment scheme?

We provide capital in the means of software and its services to early-stage or startup companies. There are many skillful knowledgeable people out there that don’t have the capital to start a betting platform, we convert that ambition from an idea to an actual tangible betting project.

Why do you offer the angel investment scheme?

We have a genuine passion for entrepreneurship and enjoy supporting innovative ideas and ambitious founders. Besides, there is so much industry-specific knowledge, skills, or experience that startups can bring to the table. Hence, we find satisfaction in being involved with early-stage companies, mentoring and contributing to the growth and development of promising startups.

What skill sets do you have to assist in starting a new gambling business?

We know the ins and outs of any platform development, but also have first-hand experience of the pain points that B2C operations face.

With our team’s experience we take the partner’s hand and lead them to the right direction to establish a well-grounded gaming platform and business.

We don’t forget that running a productive line of work is based on trust and respect. This approach is the reason why our projects have been and will remain successful.

Lastly, how saturated is the iGaming solutions market? And, how much of the market share do you currently have?

The iGaming market has been experiencing significant growth. While it has seen increasing competition, it is important to note that market saturation can vary depending on geographical regions and specific segments within the industry. The iGaming market has witnessed expansion due to several factors, we have to keep in mind one important thing called quality over quantity.

We have a strategy to grow in both regulated markets and markets yet to be regulated. We’ve got a fantastic roadmap, with some exciting products coming out and we’re also really excited about the new markets that we’re moving into.

I truly believe that we’ll be an important part of this growing industry and close to where the real action takes place.

The original version of this interview was published by Gambling Insider


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