Affiliate and Agent System

AngelsHub offers modern Affiliate and Agent System that helps our customers to gain full control over their customer management in multiple languages.

Affiliate System

The affiliate system of AngelsHub operates on a performance-driven approach, incentivizing affiliates to actively promote the iGaming platform and achieve tangible outcomes. We offer an extensive range of tools and resources to assist affiliates in successfully marketing the platform, which includes distinctive tracking links, creative materials, and up-to-date analytics.

Multi-product and Multi-brand Management

Built-in Payment Processing

Flexible Commissions

Customizable Platform

Near-instant Reporting

The AngelsHub Affiliate and Agent System is a contemporary solution crafted to enable your brand to grow its customer base and enhance website traffic through affiliate partners proficient in various languages.

The diligent efforts of the AngelsHub Platform’s team over the years have led to the development of highly refined solutions that allow you to effortlessly establish your own independent casino business, customized to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to that, our Affiliate Management Software offers a variety of other features, including:

Agent System

The AngelsHub Agent System utilizes a wide range of features and capabilities to facilitate smooth cooperation between the gaming operator and their agents. Our versatile tool, which encompasses various functions and languages, allows for the creation of multi-tiered structures where transactions are executed with precision at each level. This simplifies the tracking of financial aspects within the business.

 Our platform offers a secure and transparent setting for agents to monitor their progress, handle their referrals, and optimize their earnings. At the same time, it assists operators in effectively overseeing agent activities and monitoring the overall development of the platform.

Agent Performance Tracking

Referral Management

Commission and Payout Management

Multi-tier Agent Hierarchy

Key Features

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